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It was complex, bleak stuff for a show usually so reliant on eccentricity and silliness.To call it an anti-climax isn't to say there wasn’t drama leading up to the relapse itself.There was plenty, though unfortunately, it was so contrived as to be largely meaningless.

The show would have us believe that Oscar discovered his little sister’s corpse and, instead of calling a coroner or exhibiting any signs of grief, immediately embarked on a complex plan involving kidnapping at gunpoint, blackmail, and trips to a rehab facility, drug den and the home of a notorious sex attacker, all to knock a former shooting buddy off his sober pedestal?

That’s insane, even bearing in mind the animosity between him and Sherlock, or that junkies don’t tend to be the greatest decision-makers.

Usually, is a show that thrives on the ludicrous, but only as the entertaining trappings of an investigation.

Until now, it’s done well to separate its outlandish case elements from its sincere character moments (Watson’s schizophrenic homeless biological dad—whatever happened to him? This week merged the two in a deeply unsatisfying way.

Quando uma guerra nuclear destruiu a civilização e o planeta Terra, os únicos sobreviventes foram 400 pessoas que estavam em 12 estações espaciais em órbita.

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