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She seemed eager to embrace Alexandria last season, but she’s also a very practical person, so how is she feeling about their position there at this point? by way of tangent, my father-in-law’s an engineer, he’s a scientist, so it’s like, the optimist says the glass is half full, the pessimist says the glass is half empty, and my father-in-law says you have a poorly designed glass, and I think to some degree you have that situation here with Michonne.

She’s like, “no, there’s an amount of liquid in this glass,” and that’s a useful thing for her, so it’s not that that things are getting better or worse.

There’s a place where there’s currently protection from zombies and people, and that’s useful for her, but I don’t think she looks at it and says, “yeah, this is the solution forever,” and I also don’t think she looks at it and says “oh this is a beacon for bad behavior.” She’s like, “this is a great place for me to rest my head .” Daryl actually disobeyed Rick in favor of going back towards Alexandria in Sunday’s episode, although Rick doesn’t know that yet.

How will his shift in priorities affect their dynamic moving forward?

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen episode 603 of “The Walking Dead,” titled “Thank You.” “The Walking Dead” has never been afraid to kill beloved characters, but in the third episode of season six, the show seemingly ripped out the beating heart of its sprawling cast, sending Steven Yeun’s Glenn Rhee toppling into a crowd of walkers where he appeared to be torn apart by the bloodthirsty horde.

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