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Other various-artists CDs include composer-selected CDs, which showcases different songs by a particular composer.Others include, "Tan Co" CDs, and instrumental CDs.First-party CDs operations of Thúy Nga is that the CD is officially produced and distributed by Thúy Nga exclusively.

) is a Vietnamese-oriented entertainment company that produces Paris By Night, as well as music CDs, musical specials, movies and films, magazines, audiobooks, posters, and calendars.

It is variously referred to as Thúy Nga Incorporated, Thúy Nga Paris, and Trung Tâm Thúy Nga (literally, Thúy Nga centre).

Thúy Nga is the most prestigious recording studio and music production in the overseas Vietnamese music world.

Thúy Nga Productions has been the symbol of success the overseas Vietnamese have achieved since the events in their country in 1975 that led to their diaspora. S.-based Vietnamese production company to have overseas operations in Paris, France.

In addition to its headquarters at Westminster, CA and its original headquarters in Paris, Thúy Nga also has regional sales and distribution centers in Toronto, Canada and in Bankstown, New South Wales in Australia.

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