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After gnawing through the other arm and a leg, he manages to free himself and open the bag, to find that it is full of vegetables instead with the kids stuffing their faces with sweets at home.

Homer is paralyzed after getting bitten by a real spider that got mixed up with the Halloween decorations.

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Later, as Homer is enjoying life, he gets bitten by another spider and gets spider-like powers.

He swings from buildings with a hand truck attached to him taking out criminals and farting out webs. Ned Flanders drives through a seedy district of Springfield and starts doing lots of good chores, until he dumps a severed body into a local lake. Burns then drives up to dump nuclear waste in the lake and a large booming voice tells Ned to kill him. Back at home, Ned gets ready to kill again when asked by who he thinks is God and also kills Sideshow Bob and Patty and Selma.

He eventually finds out that Homer has been ordering these deaths, not God, and goes to kill Homer.

Homer then burns Ned's Bible and the real God comes along and strangles Homer to death. Marge asks God to put everything right but he says that the Devil wouldn't like it, when he suddenly comes along and asks God to make him tea.

"In the spooky opener, Homer takes a dangerous dive into an isolated canyon on Candy Eating Peak, but when a crashing boulder traps his arm, he tries to bite off his arm.

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