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Web Services use industry-standard mechanisms to provide easy access to remote content and applications, regardless of the platform and location of the provider and implementation and data format.

Client applications can query and retrieve data from Oracle Database and call stored procedures using standard Web service protocols.

There is no dependency on Oracle-specific database connectivity protocols.

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You can call into the database from a Web service, using the database as a service provider.

This enables you to leverage existing or new SQL, PL/SQL, Java stored procedures, or Java classes within Oracle Database.

You can access and manipulate database tables from a Web service client.

This section covers the following topics: You can use JPublisher to generate Java wrappers that correspond to database operations and deploy the wrappers as Web services in Oracle Application Server.

Figure 12-1 illustrates how you use JPublisher to publish PL/SQL packages, SQL objects, collections, and packages as Java classes.

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