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Allusions to 4x18, “Shooting Star.” (314 words) BECKY/SUE MENTORSHIP: Perfect - Becky visits Sue after she has her baby. (1,137 words) When Jake Met Beth - Jake meets Beth. (1,551 words) Quinn/Cancer Universe: A Thousand Miles Can’t Keep Us Apart - Shelby and Beth travel to say goodbye to Quinn. Years after Quinn’s death, Beth and Rachel meet at the cemetery and remember her. Allusions to 2x06 “Never Been Kissed.” (814 words) Little Brother - Because Cooper said it, Blaine always felt like it was true. (1,029 words) BLAINE/BETTY FRIENDSHIP: Whatever You Are - Blaine runs into Betty the morning of Mr. (941 words) Winter Nights - Blaine tries to come to grips with a mistake.

*Runner-Up for Best Becky Fic in the Glee Fanfic Awards 2013* (260 words) BETH/RECONNECTING WITH FAMILY UNIVERSE: About Beth - Puck’s daydreaming leads him to consider issues his daughter might face in the future. (1,341 words) Coffee - Rachel is back in Lima, 16 years after graduation, and runs into Beth Corcoran unexpectedly. (1,590 words) Reunion - Three weeks before the 20th reunion of the Mc Kinley High class of 2012, there was an even more significant reunion. They had taken tiny steps forward since that June day when Quinn and Noah first received the same text message from Rachel Berry, that pictured her, and a smiling Beth. (941 words) BLAINE/BRAIN INJURY UNIVERSE: Breaking - a prequel to Pieces. Schue and Miss Pillsbury’s wedding and they have coffee together. (622 words) Lost and Found - Blaine finds a box of kittens and takes them to Kurt’s. (189 words) BLAINE/UNIQUE FRIENDSHIP: Tell Me - Blaine and Unique talk during a power outage.

But Artie’s mom has something to say about his plans.

Allusions to Artie and Puck’s storyline in 2x06, “Never Been Kissed.” (1,085 words) ARTIE/BETTY RELATIONSHIP: Mountaineer - How Artie and Betty get into the hotel bed in 4x14, “I Do.” (605 words) Dancer - Betty introduces Artie to her wheelchair dance team.

(1,217 words) ARTIE/BLAINE FRIENDSHIP: Machine - Artie and Blaine practice for a lockdown.

Set during 4x03, “Makeover.” (1,187 words) Bowties and Disney Rides - Artie, Blaine, Tina and Sam go to Disney World for their senior class trip.

(1,205 words) ARTIE/KURT FRIENDSHIP: Belief - At first glance, Artie Abrams and Kurt Hummel don’t have much in common, but look again, and you’ll see that, maybe, they do.

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