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Known issues: none at the moment, if you find anything please report. * edit 27-2: made an installer (for the English files) now, it will find the path where the addon is installed and copy the files there so it's easier.

Manual procedure revisited: This is practically the same as the opening post but cleaned up and including the later finds. * edit 28-2: made s2vhelper app to simplify the install procedure and reduce the number of steps.

* edit 6-3: repacked Vikings-English-Installer, I mistakenly packed the old v1.1 translation in it, now updated to v1.2 translation.

Viking ii subtitrat online dating

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I couldn't see if anyone had posted this before, so here goes. Install the Vikings Add-on from the CD, wait for it to finish. Copy the contents of the previously backed up gb folder ( from the example above) into the de folder, overwriting all files when asked. The add-on installed the Editor_(or editor_polish.dll, or whatever).

This works OK for me, and is easy to do, but I take no responsibility for any damage you do to your PC or your installation! So if you want whatever new features the new add-on's map editor brings, such as the long awaited random map generator (which still sucks imo), all you have to do is to: rename The addon is now fully translated, including the new editor with random map generation and the sound. List of the available downloads: - The English missions&messages fix v1.3: The Settlers II - 10th Anniversary - Vikings [English mission and messages Fix v1.3]144 KB - English soundpack: vikings english sound v1.171.3 MB - English Title Screen by kmn Wolfman: S2-DNG_English Title Screen(by_kmn Wolfman)(76 KB) - The English v1.001a editor with random map generator: S2-DNG-Editor v1001a_(14 KB) - Remixed English Intro movie has the music tuned down by -10db to make the voice-over more pronounced.

It isn't perfect as I'll explain below, but it is certainly good enough to play. Install Settlers II 10th Anniversary (if you haven't already! Apply the 11757 patch (s2patch11757.exe) (if you haven't already! Make a copy of the following folder There you will find a String Value called Language. Now there is an install helper for installing the German addon disk on the English S2-10th game and an installer for the translations too! Install the The English missions&messages fix v1.3, the English soundpack 1.1, the title screen, the editor and the intro as required from the separate files listed below or use the Vikings-English-Installer to get all of it in one go. On the shortcut(s) used to start the game: right click them, select properties and go to the compatibility tab, and place a mark at ‘Disable visual themes’ and press OK. (only used by the original s2executable, not the addon one): New Intro, english track1, music -10(48.6 MB) - Vikings-English-Installer containing all of the above: vikings-english-installer1.2120.3 MB - Official Settlers 2 10th gen.

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