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BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 19 13 O' 528 0966 JE 18 97 BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Reference Collection FOR USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY Central History Room 373 B455u Berkeley High School (Berkeley* Calif, ) 011a Podrida 31913015280966 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2015 SPiit H $l/**tit '‘PFttt Nr V Sifi Vtvif Lif-E- «i Nri -**6 Sfrvioi* SPfr LLOirt Stvioit Poit**LS ■ vvfmeu/%ss Stvion POLLS ■-■: SP 0 i H$ - i etift S - ie? This earthquake was large enough to shift the Northern Californian landscape pushing up mountains where there were none before, and leveling others in thei place. Although Californians are always prepared for an quake at any time, no one could be prepared for one this big. Experts have known, however that every fault is susceptible to giving way at any time, and the next “big one” might occur anywhere in our state.

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After years of inactivity, the Hayward Fault gave way, registering an unprecedented 9.7 reading on the Richter Scale. This definitely was a surprise to Northern California.

5,1996) Yesterday, the largest earthquake on record struck the Bay Area at AM. Within the hour, Governor Wilson declared a state of emergency, and the National Guard rushed to the scene to assist the local fire and police departments in their efforts.

The most devastating known affect of this earthquake happened in the city of Berkeley.

The Hayward Fault runs under UC Berkeley, and directly east of downtown, probably the hardest hit area by this earthquake.

As a result of the platectonic shifts, the geography of downtown Berkeley was drastically chanced.

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