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To see more about how Soldiers' Angels supports the troops and their families, read about our programs.Soldiers' Angels was incorporated in the state of Nevada in June of 2003, Tax ID # 20-0583415. Veteran Julie Weckerlein and her family are shown last weekend in the Washington, D. While in Iraq, she was a few yards away from another female service member who was killed by incoming mortar round. "There is no real example in society of a female veteran. A moment after this photo was snapped, Weckerlein and others heard the radio call go out for a chaplain. That heightened focus, IAVA said, should begin with how the Department of Veterans Affairs provides health care to female ex-service members.

Julie Weckerlein vividly recalls the horrid sounds that filled her base - and her head - after the incoming shell exploded: the radio call summoning the chaplain, the whirling blades of the chopper evacuating the burned remains of the Army sergeant killed in Iraq Five years later, she still remembers the name of that dead soldier: Trista Morietti. In Hollywood, there's just the 'GI Jane' version – you know, like Demi Moore shaving her head. Julie Weckerlein waits for the all-clear in a shelter during a 2007 mortar attack at a U. "There aren’t enough female health professionals in the VA system.

“Females died over there, too,” said Weckerlein, who served in Afghanistan as well. There aren’t enough folks specialized in female health, especially around reproductive health.

She works today as a full-time federal employee in Washington, D. “But there is a cultural disconnect in our society. We’ve got to push the system to work harder for them," said Paul Rieckhoff, chief executive officer and founder of IAVA"The bottom line is you need someone who recognizes that female veterans are a critical part of this population and that they have unique needs," added Rieckhoff, who served as a first lieutenant and infantry rifle platoon leader in Iraq during 20.

"I’m the first female veteran that a lot of people know personally, and I’m becoming more aware of this lack of understanding of who we are," said Weckerlein, who spent nine years in the Air Force.

That applies to the job market, fueling a 19.9 percent unemployment rate among post-9/11 female veterans, while some VA hospitals seem unprepared to handle the heavy influx of women returning from war, contends a leading veterans group.

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