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BUILD Upgrade to Free BSD 9.3 RELEASE p6.- Upgrade to Samba4.1 and add SMB3 in Web GUI.- Convert to pkgng.- Improved Web GUI under PHP 5.6.- Improved Web GUI with Chrome.- Improved config restore verbose output.- Improved ZFS pool usage/tool and import ZFS disks.- Improved ZFS pool import on embedded.- Improved HAST switch with carp.preempt.- Improved PHP session handle.- Replaced /dev/md0 with xmd using LZ4 compression.- Replaced the server certificate with 2048bits key and sha256 signature.- Changed rootfs layout. Full is 4GB or more.)- Changed image files to use XZ.- Drop SSLv3 support. So it is not possible to configure an AFP share for Time Machine backups.

(install/upgrade only) Supported minimum spec except Live CD is 512MB memory + 512MB swap device or partition. File based swap and ZFS volume swap is not recommended.- Add Web GUI access restriction.- Add NFS support in HAST service.- Add default swap of 512MB for Live USB and before user configuration.- Adjust number of Status|Processes.- Add MBR partition to Live USB.- Add log/mirrored log support in Disks|ZFS|Pools|Tools.- Add expires HTTP header. BTW: an upgrade to netatalk 3 would be great Settings in Settings in Is there a reason not to use embedded ?

(some js must be force reloaded.)- Increase http upload size to 512MB.- Remove last slash of the path added by filechooser.- Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.42.12.- Upgrade bash 4.3 to patch 30.- Upgrade transmission to 2.84.- Upgrade isboot to 0.2.8.- Upgrade istgt to 20141125.- Upgrade smartmontools 6.3- Upgrade xmlstarlet to 1.6.1.- Upgrade inadyn-mt to .- Upgrade zoneinfo to 2014j.- Change iperf2.x for iperf3.- Upgrade samba to 4.1.14.- Upgrade php to 5.6.4. (PTR) that's already in the list Dec 21 infinity m DNSResponder Posix: m DNS_Register_internal: ERROR!! Here internally we are heavily considering to stop support for the 'full version' as this one is more targeted for developers and less stable/needs more support than embedded.

Fixes:- mount_ntfs is not installed to /sbin.- Wrong variable in HAST script.- /boot/kernel/is missing.- /etc/platform is broken on full installation.- Some DHCP setting of Web GUI does not work. Tried to register Auth Record 0000000800C35D60 infinity.local. Regardsapollo I noticed the next logging a lot with NAS4Free-x64-embedded- running from bootable USB stick (16 GB): Dec 22 zfs smbd[2359]: unknown tag type 64 Dec 22 zfs smbd[2359]: [2014/12/22 .155604, 0] ../source3/modules/vfs_posixacl.c:171(smb_ace_to_internal) Anything to worry about?

- xmlrpc is broken.- Missing GPT partition in Disks|ZFS|Pools|Tools.- Switching DHCP and static IP cause unexpected behavior.- Some drives can't get disk model/description.- The text on graph is not sized on Chrome.- Firmware page show incorrectly.- ntfs-3g is broken.- Form size is too small on Chrome.- HAST device is not imported by import disks. (AAAA) that's already in the list Dec 21 infinity m DNSResponder Posix: m DNS_Register_internal: ERROR!! If you add any software, package can replace NAS4Free bynaries and sometimes anyone can help you with nas4free unexpected behavior If you cannot use embedded (your hardware not allow it!! Create folder /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos# System-wide configuration file for pkg(8)# For more information on the file format and# options please refer to the pkg.conf(5) man page# Configuration options PKG_DBDIR : /var/db/pkg PKG_CACHEDIR : /var/tmp#PORTSDIR : /usr/ports#PUBKEY : /etc/ssl/pkg.conf#HANDLE_RC_SCRIPTS : NOASSUME_ALWAYS_YES : YESSYSLOG : YES#SHLIBS : NO#AUTODEPS : NO#PORTAUDIT_SITE :

CIFS/SMB========Authentication has changed Only Local User or Active Directory can be selected. Improved security Web GUI access=============================When you have Web GUI Login error 403? by default the System|General Setup Hosts allow field is empty so any one onthe same network of LAN interface can access the Web GUI allowed. Free BSD.org/PKG_PLUGINS_DIR : /usr/local/lib/pkg/plugins PKG_ENABLE_PLUGINS : YES#PLUGINS : [commands/mystat]#REPO_AUTOUPDATE : YESALIAS : {all-depends: query %dn-%dv,annotations: info -A,build-depends: info -qd, download: fetch,iinfo: info -i -g -x,isearch: search -i -g -x,leaf: query -e "%a == 0" "%n-%v",leaf: query -e "%a == 0" "%n-%v",list: info -ql,origin: info -qo,provided-depends: info -qb,raw: info -R,required-depends: info -qr,shared-depends: info -q B,show: info -f -k,size: info -sq,}Home10.2.0.2 - Prester (revision 2545)/ x64-embedded on SAPPHIRE Pure Mini E350 / 8G RAM / UPS Ippon Back Power Pro 600Lab - Prescience (revision 2545) /x64-embedded on Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz / H61M-DS2 / 4G RAM / UPS Ippon Back Power Pro 600 TEST - Nayla (revision 2271) x64-embedded on AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ / 3G RAM TEST1 11.

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